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3 Nights at Cafe Oto

Release date: 
27th May 2013 - 1.
31 min 35 sec
27th May 2013 - 2.
36 min 15 sec
28th May 2013 - 1.
31 min 53 sec
28th May 2013 - 2.
33 min 39 sec
29th May 2013 - 1.
40 min 22 sec
29th May 2013 - 2.
38 min 5 sec

Three CDs and a DVD featuring three concerts given in May 2013.
The DVD features sections of performances from all three nights; 27th, 28th and 29th May 2013



Dusted Magazine

When generations meet, wisdom usually gets passed in one direction or the other, and avant-garde musicians are no exception. Ken Vandermark has shared a conversation he had with percussionist Paul Lytton, an enduring partner with one-third this album’s core trio, in which Lytton talked about what the first generation of English improvisers had to give up to play the music they played.