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(Piano solo) Four Pieces as One*
21 min 40 sec
(Drum solo) Blackheath Breakdown
19 min 36 sec
(Duet) Skipping with Monk
25 min 52 sec

Recorded at a concert given at Blackheath Halls, London, England on the 30th of March, 2008
Notes by Christoph Wagner

* This improvisation was inspired by Twelve Tone (AvS), The Forge (AvS), Allegro Agitato (B.A. Zimmerman) and Out There (Eric Dolphy)



Brian Olewnick

Last month, I had purchased two of the recent releases on Matchless, AMM's "Trinity" and the duo of Seymour Wright and Eddie Prévost. I enjoyed the AMM well enough, largely for some extraordinarily beautiful playing by Tilbury, less so for Butcher's integration into the ensemble. In brief, while it worked well as simply an improvising trio, if I came at it listening for AMM as such, I didn't hear that. I wasn't so fond of the duo.

Bill Meyer

It says something about the boundaries that existed within Europe’s free music community that drummer Eddie Prévost and pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach, seminal figures within England and Germany respectively since the mid-1960s, didn’t play together until March 2008.