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Piano Music 1959-70

Release date: 
February Piece 1959
3 min 51 sec
February Piece 1960
6 min 15 sec
February Piece 1961
4 min 55 sec
Volo Solo
9 min 43 sec
Unintended Piano Music
5 min 41 sec
Winter Potato No. 1
3 min 58 sec
Winter Potato No. 2
8 min 54 sec
Winter Potatos No. 3
2 min
9 min 59 sec
Treatise (excerpt) *
5 min 5 sec

* with Eddie Prévost tam-tam
Long overdue recording of some of Cardew's pre-political period music. February Pieces, Volo Solo, Unintended Piano Music are just some of the works which reflect Cardew's then aesthetic preoccupation with sonorities and touch. The piano is exhaustively and lovingly explored. Tilbury, who was one of Cardew's closest musical associates, collaborates in Cardew's search for a creative relationship with musician and materials and succeeds magnificently.

New edition: remixed and redesigned.

Recorded at Royal College of Music during the early months of 1996.

Front cover: Keith Rowe - featuring a detail from 'Octet '61 for Jasper Johns'.