Place sub. v.

Release date: 
AMM — Lublin
1 hour 1 min

AMM—Lublin was recorded at CODES — The festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music — Lublin, Poland on 16th May 2012



Point of Departure

Turn to a handy online dictionary and you find a definition of place as:

Noun – A particular portion of space, whether of definite or indefinite extent; space in general (time and place)

Verb (used with object) – To put in the proper position or order; to put or set in a particular place, position, situation, or relation.


Time is an essential aspect of any musical performance. The character of a groove shifts when you push against or play behind the beat; suspense is built or squandered through duration. What is swing, but the way we experience divisions in time? In free improvisation the knowledge that players are conceiving the music at the same time that they perform it charges the music with certain meanings.

The Wire

A recording of a live concert from Lublin in Poland, the heart of old Europe, which precisely one hour, one minute and one second. The title uses the abbreviations of a dictionary entry. Since AMM became a duo a decade ago, Tilbury and Prévost have released several albums under the name, of which Place is the latest. After the high energy of other discs in this column, it's good to find a more pensive mood pervading the recording, and such delicacy and sensitivity of sound production.