The Wire

A recording of a live concert from Lublin in Poland, the heart of old Europe, which precisely one hour, one minute and one second. The title uses the abbreviations of a dictionary entry. Since AMM became a duo a decade ago, Tilbury and Prévost have released several albums under the name, of which Place is the latest. After the high energy of other discs in this column, it's good to find a more pensive mood pervading the recording, and such delicacy and sensitivity of sound production. Pensive doesn't equate with Zen-calm — this music is quieter and sparser, at times with a beautiful gamelin-like effect, but at others with an air of foreboding or uncertainty. This isn't reductionism, which in philosophy means a simplified strategy — an inappropriate description for playing of such intensity and fragility. It's powerful, humane and uncomfortable music.

The Wire — May 2014