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Dusted Magazine

In Slovenia, there is a venue called Spanski Borci (Spanish Fighters). It is named for the men who left Yugoslavia to fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. One need only look who gets the lion’s share of attention in the USA’s current presidential race to see that their fight is not done. Neither is AMM’s. Fifty years after their founding, they’re still modeling the merits of music founded on respect and essential exchange, music devoted to finding sounds in the moment they are played. This concert, which was recorded at the aforementioned venue at the end of 2012, presents such music in distillate. John Tilbury’s piano playing is quiet yet emphatic, the notes suspended and widely spaced. Eddie Prévost’s cymbals and bass drum skin moan and shimmer, apt but never obvious. Like an atom, it is mostly empty, but filled with potential power. Prévost and Tilbury’s freely improvised dialogue carries on an episodic discussion that has gone on since the days of Swinging London, sometimes restive, sometimes terribly fractured, and now spare and unerringly right. They police themselves, never imposing like the fascists that the Spanish fighters resisted. (
– Bill Meyer January 2016