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Sticking it
25 min 55 sec
Hands, brush, hands
13 min 45 sec
Sticking it too
32 min 23 sec

Or, 'whose drum is it, anyway?'

Recording of a drum solo concert given at Network Theatre, London on 6th February, 2012

The CD notes for Collider are an additional chapter to Prévost’s book: An Uncommon Music for the Common Man. This can be downloaded as a free PDF.



All About Jazz, John Eyles, November 2022

All About Jazz
John Eyles November 2022

COLLIDER Matchless Recordings mrcd108

The festivities that accompanied drummer Eddie Prevost's eightieth birthday in 2022 (including four Saturday night concerts at London's Café Oto, each celebrating a different facet of his career) served to highlight the breadth and depth of his activities and talents, and to open some audience members' eyes to previously undiscovered aspects of him.

Brian Olewnick, Squid's Ear

Among admirers of AMM, it has become almost axiomatic that one of the central sources of both tension and creativity in the ensemble was the kind of magnetic attraction and repulsion that existed between Eddie Prévost and Keith Rowe, the former having a deep and abiding sense of "communitarianism" based in jazz among other things, of listening to and reacting to his co-players, the latter often adopting a more removed stance, of reacting to the entirety of what was occurring in "the room" (an