Spanish Fighters

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Spanish Fighters
37 min 12 sec

Recorded at the festival Neposlusno (Sound Disobedience) in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2012.

The title of the album is the name of the venue (Spanski Borci) in which the concert was recorded.




"Spanish Fighters" is the seventh release from the current incarnation of AMM: Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury. It's also arguably the best. On the first few one could perhaps sense a kind of struggle to "replace" the absent Keith Rowe, or maybe that scenario existed more so in the minds of the listeners. By the point this recording was made in 2012, however, the pair operates as a seamless and wonderful unit.

NYC Jazz Record

This is the most recent document from the cryptic and brilliant AMM, who celebrated 50 years in December 2015. The ensemble’s debut was an uncompromising journey into ambiguous sound and its production, whose genre-bending resonances the label “improvisation” would only partially explain.

Dusted Magazine

In Slovenia, there is a venue called Spanski Borci (Spanish Fighters). It is named for the men who left Yugoslavia to fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. One need only look who gets the lion’s share of attention in the USA’s current presidential race to see that their fight is not done. Neither is AMM’s.