'A BRIGHT NOWHERE' will be a dynamic feature-length film of a remarkable series of improvised music concerts at London's Cafe OTO in July 2022 marking Eddie Prévost's 80th anniversary. More details and contribute to the fundraiser.

High Laver Reflections

modular synthesiser
Release date: 
Chancel, Nave, Tower
10 min 19 sec
Dried Mud Passing Trains
11 min 21 sec
Peal Away
12 min 34 sec
Crumbling Orbit
5 min 9 sec

Four improvised pieces recorded at All Saints Church, High Laver, Essex. Spring 2019.

Matchless Earshots 2020




In recent years, it's not been too unusual to catch Eddie Prévost at the drum kit, reconnecting with his roots as an Art Blakey-worshipping young hard bopper. Here, however, he's very firmly back in the once radical territory he helped to carve out as a pioneer of non-idiomatic improv with AMM. Of course, what was once radical and non-idiomatic is now a well-codified language with a 50-year history. The irony is that you're quite unlikely to encounter many surprises here.

Squid's EarHigh

Eddie Prévost is the renowned drummer who was a founder member of the legendary improvisation group AMM, back in 1965, and remains the group's only ever-present member. In November 1999, Prévost set up a free improvisation workshop, which met once a week in London, welcoming interested musicians to turn up and improvise together.