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Cornelius Cardew - chamber music 1955-1964

Vibraphone & marimba
Bass clarinet & piano
Piano & prepared piano
Prepared piano & melodica
Electronic Keyboard
Release date: 
Solo with accompaniment (1964)
7 min 41 sec
Three rhythmic pieces for trumpet and piano (1955): Movement I
1 min 50 sec
Three rhythmic pieces for trumpet and piano (1955): Movement II
2 min 20 sec
Three rhythmic pieces for trumpet and piano (1955): Movement III
1 min 55 sec
Autumn '60 (1960) Version I
6 min 41 sec
Material (1964) Version II
3 min 36 sec
Second string trio (1955) (04.25)
4 min 25 sec
Piece for guitar (for Stella) (1964)
6 min 36 sec
Material (1964) Version I
11 min 59 sec
Memories of you (1964)
13 min 25 sec
Autumn '60 (1960) Version II
5 min 49 sec
Octet '61 for Jasper Johns
7 min 4 sec

Recorded by Apartment House, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze.
First commercially released recordings of many of Cardew's early compositions.
Recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston-upon-Thames on the 6th and 7th of April, 2001.
Front cover artwork: detail from 'Solo with Accompaniment'



The Wire

Cornelius Cardew is one of the strangest figures in post-war British music. He began as a disciple of Stockhausen and there weren't too many of those this side of the Channel — before turning to Cage (ditto this side of the Atlantic). He then abandoned both for a career of political activism through his Scratch Orchestra. Other composers showed a similar turn through the 60s and 70s notably Frederic Rzewski and Luigi Nono — but Cardew's reaction was the most extreme.